Wondoor Sliding Accordion Fire Doors


Wondoor Sliding Accordion Fire Doors

Security Solutions

Won-Door, with its rapid closing doors, uses the latest innovations in technology, and works in conjunction with cameras and building security systems, to provide facilities with a new level of protection for occupants.  At the push of a button, the doors can close the building down within seconds to protect everyone, keeping out all hostile threats.

High Speed

Compartmentalizes and hardens buildings in seconds while still meeting ADA requirements and allowing for safe and secure passage.

Access Control

Limits access after-hours or in emergencies at the push of a button. Connects to external peripheral devices such as a keypad, card reader or fingerprint authentication device. Blocks sight lines and keeps out unwanted intruders.

Remote Monitoring

Integrates with existing building automation and fire alarm systems and allows for control and monitoring from a remote location or device.

Cost Effective

Minimizes costs by allowing for security on fire doors. Increases leasable space, integrates with existing systems, replaces costly fire-rated glass and lowers maintenance costs, providing larger more open spaces for less.

Code Compliant

Meets the NFPA and IBC requirements for use in a means of egress. Prohibits aggressors from entering while still allowing for emergency egress out.

Design Flexibility

Allows for designs with custom curves and larger openings that can be five times as tall as a standard door and lengths as long as a football field, without compromising code compliance. Won-Door FireGuard Security is available in both new and existing facilities.



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