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Steel Sliding Hangar Doors



With the Bi-parting Northern system no portion of the bottom rails are exposed to the elements when the doors are closed. This makes it a perfect choice in areas where extreme weather is a fact of life. The door panels are controlled from inside and stack on the interior of the building.


The Bi-parting Southern offers both cost and space benefits and is usually used in climates where snow and ice are not a concern. Because the doors stack on the outside of the building, storage space does not have to be allocated inside. There is no need for door pockets and the panels are controlled from inside the building.


With a One-Way Door System from Norco, only one door pocket is required on the left or right side of the building front. This leaves unobstructed space on the other side for offices, lounges or other interior design requests. One-way door systems are excellent for accommodating asymmetrical designs and they protect the bottom rails from poor weather conditions.


The Floating Door System from Norco offers the ultimate in building design and usage flexibility. Because every door panel can travel the full length of the opening, panels can be stacked anywhere along the rails. The panels can be individually powered or can operate as a group. Since there is no pre-defined stacking site, no floor space is lost to door pockets.

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