High Speed Doors Rigid High Speed Doors


Aluminum Spiral Doors

The high speed spiral doors have a solid door leaf made from high-grade aluminum slats. It is the ideal entrance solution where security plays a vital role.

This rigid roll up door combines the benefits of a high speed door with the advantages of a rigid door. It opens and closes very fast, enabling fluid traffic, an optimized material flow and smooth running logistics.

This door protects your premises against intruders and bad weather. Built-in safety features help to prevent incidents and injuries. Transparent vision panels can be mounted for increased safety and visibility.

In case an aluminum slat gets damaged due to a serious impact, it can easily be replaced. In order to avoid down-time this rigid high speed roll up door could continue to operate with one or more missing slats, provided the necessary safety measures are taken.

Opening Speed: Up to 2.5 m/sec Closing Speed: 0.6 m/sec Maximum Dimensions: 5000 mm W x 5000 mm H

High Speed Stacking Doors

These doors are great for applications and that do not have a lot of headroom directly above the door. The panels are stacked in front of the opening at the top. The integrated tension spring mechanism in the rails additionally supports the FI-controlled drive. As a result, the gate accelerates to a speed of up to 2 m/sec, saving energy, avoiding drafts in the workplace and preventing the loss of cold or heat.

The accompanying light barriers ensure high safety for people and goods to be transported, and the sturdy construction ensures smooth operation at high speeds.

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