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Established since 2003, Techtrade Doors, a company dedicated to Quality, Reliability, Integrity and Self Improvement, Is the representative of several selected International and professional Special high quality Door Manufacturers. In the past years, the Company has grown to SUPPLING, INSTALLING AND SERVICING... in the Middle East, Asia & Africa of :

  • An US company specialized in aircraft hangar doors. Norco manufactures for airline, commercial, military, corporate, architectural and industrial applications.
  • A US company since 1828.Cornell product categories include Rolling Service Doors, Insulated Service Doors, Counter Doors, Fire Doors, Insulated Fire Doors, Counter Fire Doors, SmokeShield Products, Rolling Grilles and Side Folding Grilles & accordion fire Doors.
  • Offers one of the largest product lines of Blast, Ballistic and Forced Entry Resistant Doors, Windows and Wall Systems. US Bullet proofing's aim is Protecting People and Property.
  • A US /French company supplying High speed PVC Flexible Traffic & productivity doors. Nergeco High-Speed productivity doors open and close on average at 48'per second and improves insulation, traffic flow and saves energy.
  • Canada- is your single source supplier for loading dock levelers, elevating dock lifts, dock seals and shelters, vehicle restraints, and much more.

Techtrade's main branch consists of six head engineers divided among the suppliers. Each door system order is spearheaded by one engineer who manages that single project from start to finish. All engineers have the necessary training required to manage and coordinate the projects for their related suppliers. Furthermore, engineers responsible for Cornell products attend an annual PES training to assure the engineers are up to date and capable of managing all Cornell projects.

Techtrade consists of 50 employees other than the subcontracted employees required for the installation of our doors. The number of subcontracted employees varies according to Techtrade's workload.

Since its establishment, Techtrade has built itself from the main office in Lebanon to having branches in the U.A.E, K.S.A, and Qatar, committing itself to covering the Middle East.

Techtrade has become a known and trusted subcontractor in the Middle East for installing many types of doors, and has taken on many important projects in the commercial, industrial, and military sector.

Throughout the years Techtrade has devoted itself to providing the best services to its client. This is done through our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Techtrade's Quality Policy Statement :

  • Techtrade Doors is a company dedicated to Quality, Reliability, Integrity and Self Improvement.
  • The company's policy is to order special doors of high quality from selected International and professional manufacturers and supply them to the Middle East, Asia & Africa.
  • For this purpose Techtrade Doors will always foster and sponsor a continuous Quality Improvement Management based on integrity, reliability & professionalism at every stage of its operation.
  • This policy is implemented through the company's ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, which covers all its operations and applies to all its personnel.

Techtrade Quality Objectives :

The stated objectives of TechTrade Doors Quality Management Systemare:

  1. To ensure satisfaction of our customers at all times by ensuring that our services consistently meet the agreed-upon requirements in time.
  2. To ensure that:
    • Our services meet nationally and internationally standards,laws and regulations.
    • Maintain and improve TechTrade Doors Quality System.
    • Provide all necessary support from qualified workforce, continual trainings and services.
    • Offer our services at competitive prices.
    • Participation of all employees in TechTrade Doors Quality System through close cooperation with Top Management.
  3. To assure to our customers that adequate measures are being taken.

The competence of our company enables us to meet all requirements as dictated by the demands of our suppliers and clients.

Techtrade Doors has proved itself as the best source specialized in ordering the widest range of high quality doors from selected professional, international companies and supplying them to the Middle East, Asia, & Africa. Techtrade Doors focuses on selected high profile projects and offers them a personalized studied service.