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SERVICE DOORS / NON Insulated Roller Shutters

Service Doors, also known as overhead coiling doors or rolling steel doors, are metal slatted doors that roll up to store in coil above the opening. These doors can open by motor, chain, hand-crank, or push-up operation, depending on size, weight and/or frequency of operation.

Service Doors are :

  • Customizable : The doors are custom built to fit your opening size, operation and aesthetic preferences.
  • Space Saving : The doors roll upward and store in a tight coil above the opening for fuller use of the interior space, reducing interference with other building components
  • Long Lasting : The rugged construction and quality materials assure long life and less costly maintenance, wering the total cost of ownership.

The doors are constructed for daily use and can withstand operation of up to 20 cycles per day – that’s 50,000 cycles for the lifetime of the door. If your requirements call for more than 20 cycles per day, or 50,000 cycles lifetime, check out the High Performance Doors.

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