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Rolling Steel Fire Doors

These doors are used to stop Fire and smoke from spreading to save property and, more importantly, protect lives. Cornell's advanced fire door systems compartmentalize a fire event quickly allowing adequate time for egress from the building.

They have become the clear and reliable choice for building owners and designers who demand the highest level of life safety and fire protection available with the lowest cost of ownership in a modern, easily integrated package.

Rolling Steel Fire Doors are structural separations used to prevent the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building. These Fire Doors are Factory Mutual Approved, listed with the California Office of the State Fire Marshal, and are UL Listed for ¾, 1 ½, 3 and 4 hours of fire protection. These doors are designed for daily use to provide security and access control, and are approved for openings that are not required means of egress.

Closing Systems

Choosing a fire door closing system is just as important as choosing a fire door. The advanced AlarmGard® Closing System, available in motor, chain or crank, is recommended for the highest reliability and lowest cost of ownership with an unmatched simplicity of meeting annual test and reset requirements.

Counter Fire Shutters

Counter shutters are installed in places where fires are likely to occur. They are required by code for fire, fire barrier and smoke barrier walls. Think of lunch rooms, concession stands, and the like. In these situations, you want counter doors that can compartmentalize the fire as well as prevent fire and smoke spread as quickly and effectively as possible

Counter fire shutters provide a number of benefits, including :

  • UL Labeled : Up to 3 hours of fire protection.
  • Compact Design : Curtain wraps in coil supported by side guides.
  • Durability : Commercial duty design; little to no routine maintenance.
  • Fast Shipping : Most standard counter fire shutters ship within in one to two weeks

Closing Systems :

Choosing a fire shutter closing system is just as important as choosing a fire shutter. The advanced AlarmGard Closing System, available for fire shutters in motor, tubular motor, chain or crank, is recommended for the highest reliability and lowest cost of ownership with an unmatched simplicity of meeting annual test and reset requirements.

AlarmGard Closing System

The AlarmGard® Closing System is activated electrically by the central fire alarm system or by local smoke detectors. When this occurs, the integrated release device allows fire doors to close safely without loss of door spring tension. This advanced system does not require human interaction after the alarm is cleared – it will reset and reopen automatically. The product is ideal for applications where there is minimal wall clearance, or where design requirements dictate the need to hide the coil box into ceiling construction.

AlarmGard Closing System Benefits :

  • Automatic reset plus automatic open eliminates reset downtime by 100% after alarm clears.
  • Activates the door to close instantly upon alarm, eliminating fire and smoke migration, performance that thermally activated systems simply cannot match
  • Eliminates visually distracting release devices and fusible links
  • Smaller headroom clearance than competitors’ product
  • Activated drop speed does not exceed 9 to 12 inches per second
  • Cornell AlarmGard motor, chain and crank operators are UL listed and approved for retrofit to most manufacturers’ fire doors while maintaining the original fire protection rating

AlarmGard Closing System Features :

  • Automatic reopen selectivity.
  • Adjustable time delay
  • Tamper-proof cycle counter
  • Integrated failsafe release device
  • Internal, variable rate centrifugal governor

*If you do not require electrical alarm activation, you can use the fusible link activated FireGard Closing System.

FIREGARD Closing System

FireGard Closing Systems are recommended for openings that are not in a pedestrian thoroughfare or where connection to a fire alarm system is not required by code. This product is best suited to locations without electrical power, or where the installation of activation cables and hardware will not detract from the intended aesthetics of the opening.

This system features standard fusible link detection that activates fire doors and shutters without releasing spring tension or disengaging the operator drive mechanism. FireGard operators include bracket mounted motor, manual chain and manual crank operation.

FireGard System Benefits :

  • Safe, controlled closing speed of 9” to 12” per second.
  • Will not automatically close upon power failure
  • Simple test and reset
  • Fail-safe release device is optional
  • Affordable alternative to alarm-activated closing systems

Again, it is important to note that we only recommend FireGard Closing Systems for openings that are not in a pedestrian thoroughfare and where electrical activation is not desired. For applications where this is true, look into an AlarmGard Closing System.

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