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CrossingGard® Model ERG-IBC is an Emergency Response Grille designed to help address both security and safety issues in public areas. CrossingGard provides the security of a locked, rolling grille — but immediately responds in an emergency situation to fully open automatically and allow safe escape. Cornell's exclusive CrossingGard e-gress grille is always on duty to provide separation control, yet still allows access to an alternate means of escape.

CrossingGard® Model ERG-IBC provides the following benefits :

  • Safety : CrossingGard’s fail-safe emergency response helps save lives. When an alarm sounds, power is lost or if an emergency exit push- button station is activated, the CrossingGard immediately clears the path by returning the grille to its full open position without requiring an electric or battery power source.
  • Security : No manual locking or unlocking required. AutoLock automatically secures a closed grille by engaging upon attempt of forced opening. AutoLock remains disengaged during normal and emergency operation.
  • Simplicity : No resetting is necessary to resume normal operation. Following an emergency situation, the CrossingGard can be repositioned to the closed position by activating “close” at the motor control station.
  • Speed : If desired, CrossingGard’s early installation option system lets grilles to be mounted on factory supplied tubular members before walls are built and before there is a finished opening.

Security Grilles

Models: ESG10, ESG11 and ESG12

Security grilles are used to securely separate two spaces while still providing airflow and visibility. Cornell's durable Rolling Security Grilles keep areas off-limits, require little to no maintenance and can be configured to meet your desired aesthetic. This product is excellent for storefronts, school corridors and in healthcare settings.

Rolling Security Grilles provide the following benefits :

  • Security : Grilles prevent unauthorized access and discourage forced entry at building exterior openings, storefronts or areas within buildings, such as pharmacies or parts counters. Used behind plate glass storefronts, they are a deterrent to smash-and-grab crime.
  • Aesthetics : A variety of metal finishes from polished stainless to deep bronze are available to contribute to visual aesthetics as well as curtain configurations in straight or brick pattern.
  • Design Flexibility : Our grilles are built to order to fit your opening size, operation and option preferences.
  • Space-saving : Curtain stores in a compact coil at the head of an opening for fuller use of the interior space.
  • Early Installation Option : Early/easy self-supporting installation system lets grilles be fitted in before walls are built and before there is an opening.
  • Low life cycle cost : Rugged construction and quality materials assure long life and less costly maintenance.

The grilles are constructed for daily use and can withstand operation of up to 20cycles per day – that’s 50K cycles for the lifetime of the grille. Dependent on curtain configuration and spring selection.

If your requirements call for increased speed (up to 24 inches per second), more than 50 cycles per day, or 300,000 cycles lifetime, consider Cornell's line of High Performance Products


Models: ESG20 and ESG21

Cornell's most secure grille in the product line up, the SentryGate’s patented design is an alternative to traditional rolling or counter grilles. Featuring a unique curtain comprised of injection molded components and continuous metal rods, the SentryGate provides the ultimate protection to a parking garage entrance, in front or behind a glass storefront or closed pharmacy counter.

the SentryGate combines high strength injection molded components with continuous metal rods. Its attractive brick pattern design is 65% open-air, for high visibility and ventilation. This grille can be operated manually as a push-up or with a hand crank. If a motor is required, a standard motor, or compact integrated tube motor is available – key when headroom or aesthetics are of importance.

The SentryGate provides :

  • Ultimate security protection : watch our video –SentryGate vs a concrete block
  • Easy retro-fitting to existing structures : The unit can bolt directly to existing wall constructions, frames or mullions, without the penalty of remodel downtime and cost
  • Up to 5” less headroom than traditional rolling grilles for some designs
  • Rugged curtain construction : SentryGate curtains will maintain structural integrity and clean look, even with high cycle use
  • Little or no routine maintenance.

The doors are constructed for daily use and can withstand operation of up to 20 cycles per day – that’s 50,000 cycles for the lifetime of the door.

For grilles that will cycle more than 5 times per day, such as parking garages and sally port openings, we recommend Model ESG12 brick pattern configuration. Alternative high cycle options include the Extreme 324 Grille

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